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World of One known Heroes & Villains

Gabriel, The Fallen Angel


The Archangel Gabriel is said to be the eyes and ears of the father of the gods. It is said to be his duty to watch over the world of “One”. Gabriel, despite his so called origins is not a just a simple myth, he is what nightmares are made of. Stories told of his arrival in the world of “One” where to some he was an enemy and to others a friend, his true motives are far from transparent and the numbers that have fallen to his blade continue to rise




There is little known of this creature, known only as the Entity he resides in “pure ground” where demons fear to tread. With his land guarded by “Prayer” and other pure guards, his safety and secrets are without a doubt kept securely.  


Lord General Jason Kyle


Jason Kyle has been the Lord General of the Velorne army for about 15 years now, however many rumours suggest he was once just a simple rag mans son. After years of service in the military he found himself leading the Velorne into battle against the forces of the Abyssal Horde.  


Blood General Varg


Nobody has any idea of Varg’s beginnings but his first few years in the Hothran military was as a city guard in “Kalice”. The Dark Queen noticed him here as he destroyed a demonic fire champion by himself. From this point on the Dark Queen kept an eye on Varg ensuring that he was trained by the best her army had to offer. He was once one of her most loyal soldiers, leading her army wherever the Velorne would not dare to go. Since his promotion to Blood General the Hothran had never lost a battle under his leadership. More recently Blood General Varg has proclaimed himself uniter of the greenskin tribes in order to emancipate his people.


The Demon King Kalous


Said to be the king of the underworld and the birth of original evil, Kalous rules his minions from the darkest point of the Wasteland called the Decayed City. His powers are said to be limitless when in his bastion the abyss and during the few times he has stepped onto the world of One his power has never shown any indication of lessening. His military the Abyssal Horde has legions of undead and demons all begging to be let loose on the mortal races. 




Once a soldier of the Velorne army now a weapon against all that breathe. His sword and shield have ended thousands of lives and will end thousands more as is his only purpose. It is unknown who controls Centurion but whoever his master is they must be supremely powerful. In his former life Centurion was called Jason Goode and wished to be a knight for the land of light, now however he is a knight for the forces of evil. For all this there is still hope however as once a day for a single hour Jason returns to his former self and enjoys a drink or two at the closest tavern he can find. Though after so many years as the centurion he doesn’t like to speak of it, just drink, relax and make merry with the locals. 




Said to once have been a follower of the God Tempus, Lady Timara is a ghostly paladin who brings war wherever she steps. Battle is her heartbeat and war her lifeblood. However human she may appear to be nothing could be further from the truth, many say she died in battle thousands of years ago battling the demons of the abyss and some say she is a fallen angel who refused to allow war to be banished from the mortals realms.


Timara is neither good nor evil but a neutral power in the three kingdoms as far as anyone knows and nobody knows her reasons for staying on this mortal realm. 


Lady Alexandra

The good lady is the most powerful mage to walk this day. Neutral to both Velorne and Hothran, respected by the armies and feared by most everyone else it is said her powers can teleport an entire army. Her powers are practiced most in direct damage spells, some people say that if she had time to cast then a single spell of hers could destroy the demon king, but this of course is just hear say.