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Posted by Badguy on May 2, 2012 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Yes kids thats right ! The new version of the rules is done  and ready to download !


Just use the drop down bar from game details and click downloads.


As mentioned before, the new professions Voodoo, Alchemy & Rune Crafting are not yet ready but will be done asap. Once finished, all professions will be detailed and set to download.


One last thing, I know I have said it before but please make a thread on the forums and give us any feedback on the new rules you think we may need to know. Mistakes can only be fixed if we know about them


Peace out TKers

This is how it is.....

Posted by Badguy on April 28, 2012 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

its....00:34 and i'm home early from work ! 60 hour weeks aint that bad but the thing that is killing me is how the  PTB feel its fine to have me work a night shift then the following morning shift......not being able to adjust is killing me, not the work or the hours.


Why am I telling you this ? Well its my reason for not having written the new rules up yet. However I have been promised tomorrow off........yeah right I have heard that before !!!! Anyway if I get tomorrow off the new rules will be finished and set for download. They are done but I need to set them into the new book.


I will need to speak with Angela / Steve to make sure we can get them prinited off in time for the adventure and have the new marking up sheets done as well. If I get the green light then the next adventure will see us using the new rules.



The new professions will be listed in the new rules and on the new mark up sheets but will not be described in any detail within the new rules. This is because we aint done "fine tuning them". Once finished all professions will be set in a seperate download.


I will stress this last point.....I will attempt to get the new professions finsihed and ready for the next adventure but dont hold your breath.


When everyone gets hold of the new rules I hope you will pass on any feedback through the forums. Why ? Because you can bitch and moan all you want to your friends but unless you bitch and moan where I can see / hear then I cannot fix any problems you may have with the game.


Peace out TKers

Im happy to annouce !!!!!

Posted by Badguy on March 26, 2012 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

That the new rules expansion "The 7th Age" had been finished !


At least the work on constructing it has, now I'm left with writing up all the new information for the rules and removing old details no longer needed. Once that is done I'll be setting it for download but two things I want peeps to keep in mind. The new rules will not be set in play until the May adventure at least and second, I'll want a few peeps to give up an hour to read the new rules and point out all my mistakes :-)


7th age updates can now be found on the system updates page ! 

Peace out TKers


Posted by Badguy on March 22, 2012 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Check out the recent "In loving memory" post peeps

So what next ?!

Posted by Badguy on March 20, 2012 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (2)

Disclaimer This blog is Badguys way of keeping players / monsters informed of what direction he is looking to take the system, its rules etc. All information here is in effect at the idea stage and will not be applied to the game. Before it does all ideas must be approved by all 3 senior matter how excited Badguy gets about his latest cool idea !


Evening TKers !!!!! As you all know I'm working hard on the new additions to the game, races, professions and even some new spells and skills. However I find myself making more work than I originaly planned.


I pointed out to Angela tonight that seeing as we have to update the mark up sheets that it might be wise to alter anything else from the rules within that sheet so we dont have to alter it again in the future. The thought is that out dated skills can be removed (And skill points refunded ofc), now stop screaming I can hear you already nagging to know what skills I'm talking about.


Well when the system was first put together we had planned to run 3 or 4 events a year and no adventures hence we had heavy role play skills like repair armour / mend armour and a seperate Mend Plate skill. Also ID monster was another that was put in along these lines. We may remove ID monster, update the repair skills removing the seperate Plate version and apply it to the mend skill. Basically I plan to look at the whole list and update the skills taking out any we no longer require.


Other changes to the rules we are looking at are the stealth / combatant classes, they are far too unbalanced as things stand. Why play a combatant when you can play stealth and have 4 hits per that dont require healing and return after 5 mins rest ? To this end we are attempting to alter combatants without restricting stealth in anyway. This means some smaller changes to the rules but nothing game changing, remember the spells a few years back, god never again.

One other direction for these two classes is to alter the weapons damage. A number of ideas have popped up for this. The first was along the lines of the armour restriction that each class has, we could do the same for weapons damage. Another idea was to cap weapons damage at quad thus allowing short term effects like attributes to lift that damage up to quin and give combatants and Stealthers specialised class calls such as strike down, disarm, stun, through etc.

Example 1 - John the combatant buys the skill weapons master - Strike Down, he may now use this call at will with the named weapon class (2hd, polearm ect)

Example 2 - James the stealther buys the evil assassin skill, he may now call disarm at will with the name weapon class (dagger, 1hd etc)


Of course these are only ideas at the moment but its a work in progress and I for one want each class to be very different and more powerful than each other class in different ways.


The holy and weave class are also getting some love in the new rules, mages should enjoy the change to their master skill mystics discipline, well I say changes what I mean is I am looking to replace it with "Twin Casting" if I get the ok from Steve and Angela. Twin casting will allow the weave character to cast a spell then recast it with no spell vocals stating only "Twin casting < spell name >". I want this to show the weave class to be masters of spell casting, with the ability to be highly offensive in nature. I know this of course can be applied to healing or protection spells but how cool would it be to see a mage running past casting a frost bolt and then another just a second later !


As for the holy class, well I was never happy that they could get 4 points of armour seeing how that is so damn close to combatants. Because of this we are changing their master skill also, it will still have the spell cost reduction but I want it to grant the blessing of their deity. This will be different pending on each characters god but we should have an extensive list prepared. An example would be a priest of Tempus (god of war), the blessing for them may be extra melee damage or increased armour. A priest of Gorgan may get disease touch or a priest of Roshlan might get a form of regeneration. The possibilities go on and we will enjoy preping the list if this is the direction we are going for.

So what do you think ? Want to have your say about this ? Go check teh post on the forums and post a reply :-)


Later TKers

Bangs Head !

Posted by Badguy on February 29, 2012 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Yup its one of those times where my head is being thrashed by the wall.....


Buy why Paul i hear you ask with concern in your voice......pfff


Well as you know we have been attempting to get the 7th Age rules up and running but we have failed FAILED I SAY !


The new rules expansion is just as it says on the tin, an expanion of what we have. Minor updates aside we are putting in between 5-7 new races, between 1-3 new 15 skill point professions and the blood sphere has been altered dramaticaly for much more heavy use in game now the faction isnt restricted.

Up to 7 new races i hear you scream ?! up to 3 new professions I hear you nag ?!


yus indeed ! Loads of work is being put into this, a restricted race for each faction and the church of blood may be getting its own non restricted race...we will see how that pans out.  As for the new professions, well dont get your hopes up yet. I'll remind you this blog is my way of keeping you lot informed of what I am thinking so these new professions may not even hit the game but they are being looked at right now. The new professions are Alchemy, Rune Crafting and my personal favourite.....Voodoo !


And now the sad part, due to us wanting to bring as much new stuff in as possible we are hold off on the rules release until May...ish. I know its just too long to wait for such cool stuff but it will be worth it I promise people.



Peace out TKers


Gah !

Posted by Badguy on January 25, 2012 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

its 12:30 and I R fecking tired now, spent all evening working on the TK webpage (we have a new colour!), you may also notice in the World Background secton we have added the story of Roshlan Tk's own in game religion....let me tell you that took far to much time to write although I would be very happy if once one or two of you have looked at it if you could point out all the mistakes I have made...... eye sux at tha inglesh laguagee.

We have also started preping loads of other in game info but that stuff is in hidden pages atm as it is not yet ready...sorry

I'll say goodnight to you all now 

Peace out TKers

ps - really looking forward to seeing some of the pics for the photo comp !!!!

The Weekend !

Posted by Badguy on January 23, 2012 at 6:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Enjoy the weekend did you ? Go out for a drink ? Go into town maybe ?

Guess what we did !!!!

Thats right Angela, Steve and myself sat on my sofa for a weekend fixing rules and working on plot. Although, they dont know this but I was watching the snooker and pretending to work.

Many things happened, much plot was organised and we even decided that the new Kobold race just wasnt going to work here in we invented a BRAND NEW TK RACE ! Whats this, like our 3rd ?!

They are called the Karn, and while ogres are rarely casters the Karn are rarely fighters. These guys have so much potential, we are all excited about finishing the attributes for them.

All in all it was a productive weekend.

Peace out Tkers

The 7th Age....ages

Posted by Badguy on January 16, 2012 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Well peeps by now you may have heard of my "slight" mistake in the new rules......yeah we can laugh now but at the time, someone could have died it was that serious.....or not but it did require some attention.

As we speak (write) the refs are working hard on the ref boards solving issues and while alot is being done it seems only on the odd skill reword or other such things. 

Darn annoying if you ask me !

All this allows some extra time working on the restricted races idea bringing us ever closer to new stuffs for the players :-)

In closing I call "Heil PR ref" for he newest plans to take over the world ! 

She is quite mad you know !

Peace out TKers

The 7th Age

Posted by Badguy on December 23, 2011 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Well peeps the new version of the rule book is done and it has been sent off for people with a better understanding of the english languge to check over. What does this mean i hear you ask......

Simples, it means that shortly after xmas when they are sober (ish) I shall get a number of emails pointing out my mistakes. I will correct them and then set the new rules to download.

Until then you can view the rules changes on the system updates page, we dont have much this year I'm afraid although I can give you a sneak peak for next years rules.

As you know we have a selection of restricted races that peole can play on request, we aim to set 1 restricted race to each faction within the rule book. These races are going to be more powerful than standard races but will require much more in terms of role play and costume effort (hence the restriction). As you know the Church of blood has no direct races assigned to it but with the resricted races being applied we are looking at giving it not just one but two restricted races !!!!!!

Well dont get over excited now, the idea of this little blog is to show you peeps what I'm thinking of for the game. For all I know Steve and Angela are planning to remove me from my seat of power as we speak.....type.....whatever ! 

So, wanna see the list ?

Restricted Faction race ideas:


  1. The Velorne: Gargoyles
  2. The Hothran: Undead
  3. The Brood: The Godan
  4. The Elven Nation: The Fae
  5. The Church of Blood: Vampires and / or The Brutes
Set in stone  ?! not a chance in hell but it is on the table at the moment !!!

Have a merry xmas everyone !