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for the love of all thats unholy !

Posted by Badguy on May 22, 2012 at 8:35 PM

Ok peeps the new professions are rocking !

I'll give you the quick lowdown.....but remember the rules of my blog !

Up till now all TK professions have been very different in what they do, how they work and why people use them. However with the ever growing base of members at the club and TK's ability to evolve I have decided to build a formula for newer professions and with that a referee will be assigned to regulate them.

Firstly all new crafting professions will come with Research & Create, this will allow players to expand on the standard recipies they begin with and offer the system some colour with products they create....cause we all know how twisted you bastards can be ! So lets take a look at the new professions.

  1. Rune Crafting - PVE designed profession
  2. Alchemy - PVE & PVP designed profession
  3. Voodoo - Heavily PVP designed profession but does add some small advantage when used in PVE

I'm going to use Alchemy for the larger explaination but I will give a small idea of the others afterwards.


First thing to note with Alchemy is that the product gets used up and cannot be reused. Because of this Alchemists will be allowed to produce 1 more product from any crafting potion / poison skill taken from the rule book each day. An example would be mana potions, the skill allows 2 to be crafted per day or 4 if you have bought the skill twice. If you are a Hobbit or alchemist you may craft 3 per day or 6 with the skill bought twice.....if you are a hobbit who is an alchemist you can create 4 per day or 8 with the skill purchased huh

I will point out now that the refs are chatting over this on the ref boards atm so this may all change but.......

  1. Once the Alchemist skill has been taken the players gains R&C and may then choose from a list of 8, 4 recipies they can take to go with R&C.
  2. Each day at mark up the player may then choose to brew in any combination 3 of the known recipies they have, this will include any recipies they have designed. They get 3 TK consumable cards.
  3. Potions brewed last until used...or until the player loses the cards....we will not replace lost cards !
  4. As yet we havent decided if a player can be under the effects of more than one potion at a time.
  5. Achemists will brew products in 4 sets
  6. Medicines - Provide restoration effects
  7. Elixirs - Provide powerful magical effects but are time limited to 15 seconds
  8. Potions - Provide average magical effects and are limited to a 1 hout duration
  9. Venoms / Poisons - Provide negative effects to the victims.

Some ideas for alchemists are:

  1. Elixir of Maniacal Power, all non arch mage spells now provide mana at base cost rather than using mana for 15 seconds.
  2. Potion of Enhancement, gain + 2 endurance, to agility or mana regen 2 for 1 hour

Rune Crafting

Rune Crafting will work in a different way, as with alchemy Rune Crafters will gain R&C and get to choose 4 of 8 recipies. However unlike Alchemists Runes can be reused, a rune crafter may have 3 runes active at any one time but should a rune be broken (only easy to do for a rune crafter) then they can just activate another rune. So while potions cannot be used twice, runes can be reused constantly and each rune will remain active until the end of the day....or unless they are broken. The only 3 ways atm to break a rune is to either....

  1. be a god and roflstomp it
  2. be a rune crafter and choose to break your own rune
  3. jump into a ritual circle with a ritualist who knows what they are doing

However I'll point out that rune crafters have things a little more easy than alchemists and voodooist, this is the reason for the rune being less powerful, examples below.

  1. Glyph of Named Caution, this rune is designed against a named person or creature type. Once placed the named person or creature type cannot pass this rune. Some more powerful creatures may not be affected.
  2. Rune of Armoured Will, (Use oly on a character) this rune allows the user to resist the chosen type of magic (fire, shadow, holy etc) from their daily attributes.
  3. Rune of Godan Pride, this rune provides crush immunity to the user (like AC10).


Voodoo as with the others gets R&C and the player may then choose 4 of 8 recipies etc

  1. Voodoo works with 3 sets
  2. Plagues - Provides the victim with waves of suffering
  3. Curses - Provide a very set punishment for those who offend you
  4. Hex's - Alter the victim over time
  5. Voodoo also provides a Shrunken head that offers extra advantages in PVE based n your play style
  6. The Voodoo R&C comes i the form of Voodoo Dolls

Curses / Hex's / Plagues / last until removed and they can only be removed in 3 ways, see the rune crafting removal list but change rune crafter to voodooist :-) We are still deciding as with rune crafting if any voodooist can remove any curse.

Creating a curse hex etc can be done with ease but the voodooist will need something very personal from the victim or something of the victim like blood or out for those healers taking "samples" !

Some example of Voodoo recipies

  1. Plauge of Zombies, The target of this plague will find themselves hounded by zombies all day and night until the plague is removed.
  2. Deathly Hex, the target of this Hex will slowly become an undead (normaly a zombie). While they will retain their free will they will lose many skills they had while alive. Removing this Hex will revert the target back to normal providing they havent totally become undead.
  3. Shrunken Head, create your own Shrunken Head that grants you either +4 endurance, +4 Agility or +10 to your total mana with mana regen 1. However the head must be created from someone close to you either a friend or an ally. The head will retain its spirit and will often talk to you but while they can choose to aid you with knowledge gained during their life, they might be abusive as you are carrying their head around preventing the spirit from resting.

Well I hope i have offered everyone some insight into the new TK professions, should you have any questions or ideas then leave me a comment.

Peace out TKers !!!!

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