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the new plot !

Posted by Badguy on October 10, 2012 at 8:30 PM

Oh wow!

So the faction split has happened and its plot has finished (just about) leaving TK preparing for its latest plot line.

I know, you are likely wondering about now why thats so special? Allow me to let you in on a few details :)

Firstly I'm heading up the plot and as you may know its my first in 3 years i think. Secondly while I am heading the plot and setting the story I wont be the only one writing it. The ref crew is banding together and writing each adventure as a group on the ref boards each month. This means (we hope) that each adventure will be much more versitle in its aproach and play style, i guess it will have to be with all the refs pushing ideas :P but wait....there's more !

This is also the first plot TK will have written that is fully military based ! What this means for the players is that it will be combat heavy but this wont mean those non coms or those looking to role play more educated characters will lose out on the game. Far from it as we will be putting in plenty for those characters. As for the military characters I guess this would be the time to stand up to the mark and make your way up the ranks of the military.

My personal hopes in this years game would be to see the players planning their attacks on the big bad guys, scouting them out to discover their weaknesses and other such things along those lines. I dont know how things will turn out but the TK rules, spells, attributes are all working so well in game now (professions still being testing ofc) that I feel TK will only improve via rules additions and plot style. 

I know, i mentioned rules additions and people got scared. Dont worry, my plans to add to the rules are looking to be July....2014 hehe and those should be a few new spells and a new profession or two :D. 

Well TKers I hope you have enjoyed the more relaxed but intensive role play style of Mr Stone Cold & PR Ref because from here on in the whole of the ref crew is aiming to beat the holy hell out of you !!!!

Peace out TKers !

Cya at the next game 

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