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New event, new plot, new badguys!

Posted by Badguy on January 25, 2013 at 8:55 AM

Well we are a few adventures into the new plot line and I must say I am enjoying it LOADS!

Why is this different?

Well Im sure you have noticed that as each adventure begins the brief has not just explained what needs to be done but also what is going on. We are not making you guess the story, we are putting you right in the middle and this is what makes the difference to the players this year.

Knowing exactly whats going on means the players are making choices along side the military commanders. Each mission is given a party leader (a player) and this has shown us some amazing role play.

But what has made me really happy is how building the plot this way gives the refs more time to work on other things. Most plots require much more time building as we want the players to figure things out at a certain pace but not this time and the refs have been busy like bees working on our new big bad for the players to fight at the event mwa hahahaha

Well thats it for now, i hope to see everyone and the heroes they play at the event.

Every ref has worked hard for this one and we are all damn proud of how it shaping up.

Cya all there and good luck!

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