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  1. What Is Live Role Playing (LRP)?

    Live role-playing  (LRP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically act out their characters' actions. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world, while interacting with each other in character. The outcome of player actions may be mediated by game rules, or determined by consensus among players. Event arrangers called referees (or refs) decide the setting and rules to be used and facilitate play.

  2. What Do I need To Be A Live Role Player?

    The main thing you need to be a Live Role-player (often called a Larper) is an imagination. While we try to physically represent as much as we can of the fantasy world we run in, we cannot create everything we need for that world. Hence we ask that our players to use their imaginations to the full, pretending for example that the latex weapons we use are real steel weapons, and that getting hit by them really hurts.

  3. How Safe Is Live Role Playing (LRP)?

    Despite the fact that LRP is often regarded as a full-contact sport, it remains a very safe activity. All melee weapons are expected to be constructed, to a high safety standard, of fibreglass, with sufficient thickness of high density foam rubber (LD45 or higher),latex and a sealant over the top. These weapons are inspected on a daily basis, and if believed to be unsafe, their use will not be permitted. Similarly, projectile weapons, armour and shields are regularly inspected with a view to safety.

    All blows are expected to be “pulled”, and no-one, monster or player, is allowed to use a weapon without instruction on it's safe use from the ref team. Head hits are discouraged, and if we see players or monsters using weapons in an unsafe manner, they will be warned in the first instance and banned from their use in the second.

    We also have a Non-combat system in place whereby people who cannot risk the combat side of the hobby (due to disability, pregnancy etc) can still be involved on the role-play side.

    Despite all our precautions, accidents can still happen, especially as we generally run outside. To this end, we always have a fully qualified and insured first aider present, and at events we will also have a similarly qualified fire marshall in attendance.

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Three Kingdoms LRP FAQ

  1. Where Are You Based?

    Our monthly one day adventures are run at Wenallt Woods, Rhiwbina, Cardiff – please see full information on the link below 

    The location of our 3-day events varies from event to event, and can be as far afield as mid-Wales of South Devon, depending on the site.

  2. How Much Does It Cost?

    To play a day adventure costs £5, and it is free to monster/crew. The price to play an event will be announced when the booking forms for each event are published on the website. There is usually a price for pre-booked player places, which is currently £35. The cost for on-the-gate or not pre-booked players is currently £40. Again, monstering or crewing an event is free.

  3. How Old Do I Need To Be To Come To Three Kingdoms?

    We run TK as a family club, and therefore people of all ages are allowed to participate. However, as there is a physical element to the hobby, anyone under the age of 16 will need written parental permission to attend and should attend with an appropriate adult who will be held responsible for that child.

    Everyone is expected to participate and stay In Character, where possible, and so the hobby may not be suitable for younger children. The ref team reserve the right to refuse participation if required.

  4. Is The Club Insured?

    Yes, the club is fully insured,including public liability insurance. We also ensure that we have full and express permission to run on all the sites we use.

  5. What Do I need To Be A Three Kingdoms Live Role Player?

    Being a TK larper is much the same as being a larper in any other system. You primarily need an imagination, and a willingness to join in. We advise those new to the system to monster a couple of adventures first, as as to accustom themselves to the rules, but this is not mandatory.

    In terms of kit and equipment, we advise black or dark brown trousers, a long sleeved dark top or shirt, a decent belt and good, waterproof boots. If you wish to start a character and do not have any kit, the club will be able to lend you some basic kit and weapons for a couple of sessions, until you have had a chance to obtain your own. Please ask one of the refs to find out what they would be able to lend you.

  6. Where Can I Find Out More Info?

    The best sources of further information for Three Kingdoms LRP are the rulebooks (link provided below), the forums which you may register for an join on the right, or the refs, who again can be found on the forums. Additionally, you may e-mail questions to us at email us

    Alternatively, we also have a Facebook group.

  7. How Do I Create A Character?

    The first step in creating a character is to come up with the concept. In order that it fits into the game world, you should read the setting at the beginning of the rulebook. Then you should choose the faction, race and class that best fit with that concept. You may then set about choosing religion, skills and magic to fit where required. If you have any questions at any point, please talk to one of the refs. Once you have your character the way you want it, submit it to the refs for a final check and to organise kit. You are then ready to go out and make your character famous (or infamous, of course).


  8. What Should I Do If I Need Help To Create My Character?

    If you wish to create a standard character, you may discuss your ideas either in person or by private message with any of our refs. If you wish us to consider something a little out of the ordinary you should contact Steve (on the boards as Steve), Paul (Badguy) or Angela (Angela Dollar) to discuss it.

    In Three Kingdoms, we also have something called Personal Plot Lines (PPL), whereby any player may have plot encounters tailored to their character. In order to take advantage of this highly individual option, you should send your character’s backstory and history to our head PPL ref, Angela.

  9. Rule Book

    The Main Core rule book, along with various other supplements detailing life in the Three Kingdoms game world, can be found on the Downloads page.

    The rule books and supplements are updated fairly regularly, though other, more recent updates, may also be posted on our forums. Please register on the left and sign in to view the forums.


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