Three Kingdoms LRP

Welcome to the World of One

Club Staff List

Name: Paul Sharman

Board Name: Badguy
Referee Name: Badguy
Job: Three Kingdoms Manager

Regulates the referees and the system.


Quote: "Where's my tea!"

Name: Steve Drury

Board Name: Steve
Referee Name: Stone Cold
Job: Three Kingdoms Assistant Manager 


Quote: "It was so cold my nipples were talking to me"

Name: Angela Dollar

Board Name: Angela Dollar
Referee Name: PR Ref (Public Relations Ref)
Job: Three Kingdoms 3rd in command, Head Player Referee

Quote: "Welcome to Three Kingdoms"

Name: Barry Pope

Board Name: Sarge
Referee Name: Sarge
Job: Web Monkey (

Quote: "Tech support, sod off I'm busy"

Name: Ceinwen Bull

Board Name: Ceinwen

Referee Name: Twiggy

Job: PPL (Personal plot lines)

Quote: "Worship me damnit"

Name: Ceiridd Lucksted

Board Name: Ceiridd
Referee Name: Special Ref

Job: PPL (Personal plot lines)

Quote: "Special with a capital R"

Name: Alan Gowing

Board Name: Alanwrotethis
Referee Name: Yale Ref
Job: Head PPL Referee

Quote: "What the deuce!"

Name: Phil

Board Name: Evil Chef
Referee Name: Evil Chef
Job: Three Kingdoms Fire warden, Special Effects and Chef. Phil is also the Head Ritual Ref

Quote: "I'm just the cook, honest"

Name: Sarah Bulpin

Board Name: Maid_in_wales
Referee Name: Mother

Job: Player ref