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Little Ref & Cake or Death

Little Ref (Jon) and Cake or Death ref (Jasmine) have been the corner stone of every plot for over 5 years. Jasmine has added so much flavour from NPCs to all the little details that make a great game. Jon has been a bastard! Kicking the shit out of players all over the shop!


Needless to say both have given so much to Three Kingdoms and losing them as referee's is a blow to the game. Im sad to write all this, thinking back to everything they have done.







However Jasmine will remain part of TK staff, helping out as she has done and playing the ever loveable Queen while Jon is taking some much deserved time off before he returns.


As always our former refs gain 1 years free play when they decide to take it so Im sure we will see them back in game soon enough.

Thanks for everything guys. 

Charlie, The Blackrose

Charlie, head of the TK purse strings has retired from the ref crew and returned to the players (scum). Once known as "Blackrose" to the refs Charlie will forever have a place in our hearts for everything she did for TK.

Pete "Cuddles" Turner

 Gone (back to the players) but not forgotten is Pete Turner known as Cuddles Ref.


Pete has decided to return to the players (scum) in order that he may pick more fights than he did before. I can say in all honesty that we will all see the effect he has had on the game for years to come and I for one will miss our "Plot fives" and endless banter about how we can kill players.


Thanks for all the hard work mate

"Dead" Dave

We dedicate this page to our good friend and former webmaster "Dead" Dave Moore.


For year he put up with us and by that I mean he put up with me, demanding and constantly nagging him for things to be done. He gave his time, his web space and he did this without asking for himself.


Dead Dave created the Froth Realms and backed Three Kingdoms when we needed it most. Because of him Three Kingdoms became what it is today and proudly remembers all he did for us.

For this we have created this page and it will remain here as long as we do ! 

Cheers Dave, thanks for everything mate



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