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The Redwood Kingdoms

The Redwood Kingdoms

Capital: Redwood Keep - Player Faction


The ancient and ancestral forests of the elven race comprise of endless trees from horizon to horizon. Known by scholars by the ancient elven name of Enedardormancarantaurë, most people now use the Common translation to refer to this peaceful and dreaming country. Few cities rear above the tree canopy, and none more mighty that Thalionostalda, or Redwood Keep, where a single ancient tree dwarfs even the mighty oaks of this forest land.


Mighty cities rise from the forest canopy, always in harmony with the trees around them. From Dran’Ul in the north to Limost in the south, the elven people have made their homes wondrous and beautiful to all visitors.


Following the rise of the Brood, almost all elves have heeded the call to return to the land of their ancestors, and join there the various beastkin, forest trolls and even the elusive Fae in calling it their home. Living in harmony with the land, their laws respect personal freedom, and favour rehabilitation over punishment.


They are the Elves of Redwood