Three Kingdoms LRP

Welcome to the World of One

System Background

Three Kingdoms was an idea of a most simple yet keenly versatile system that would prevent power playing but continue to give each player the satisfaction that their characters were special and that the experience they gained was unique.
The initial plan for TK began in 2004 and was intended to be a large group system running 5 events a year for a maximum of 250 people. The rule book was only 20 pages long with only 4 pages of that for spells and skills, we aimed for simple. However after reading the system details and the long term goals those setting the system had devised, our potential members base asked for a linear side to the system where the core and most dedicated players could enjoy the plot we were already working towards.
This request altered our half built system and gave us new direction. We returned our roots as a linear system and began work on the game that we run today.
We pride ourselves on keeping the game fresh, adding and updated the game content every 12 months  to ensure a balanced and exciting place for role players to enjoy. While we have a team dedicated to game development we even make sure those players interested in the system expansion to put their hand into development of the game, I doubt the system would be as good as it has become if not for those players.
The crown jewel of the TK game is our "Personal Plot Lines" or PPL. We have a small team of referee's dedicated to running this part of our game. Once requested by a player we base it upon a short background written by that player and then our team sets to work at a unique story line for that player alone. 
Our referee crew is built of a dirty dozen, each trained with extensive experience in a number of games or varying styles to be the best TK can offer. Should one of our referee's retire we are ready to replace and train a new referee to ensure our members always get the best game possible.
Each of our games run on a simple formula for the plot:
World Plot
World Background Plot
Campaign Plot
Personal Plot
Our world plot effects everything and everyone, designed to keep our players up to date with everything that  is happening from new threats to old enemies and even peace talks between rival nations.
The world background plot helps to show our players what the other people in the game world are doing during the years campaign, how they are helping or suffering, sometimes even what impact the years plot is having in others area's of the world that our game is not showing first hand.
The campaign plot is always decided as 1 or 2 years long and brings the players a new aspect of the game world to the front lines allowing our players to interact with something they had not yet seen, this also allows our players to  experience different styles of the role play game
All in all Three Kingdoms strives to produce a game of excellence never to be forgotten and we always keep a sharp lookout for ways to improve the experience of all involved.