Three Kingdoms LRP

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The Abyssal Horde

The Waste Lands - home of the Abyssal Horde

Capital: The Decayed City – Game Faction (not available for player characters)


Legend says that this was once a thriving land with towns and cities filled with life. However that is but a myth, and now the harsh reality of the Waste Lands is death and disease as far as the eye can see. The Demon King, Kalous, rules with an iron grip from the Decayed City whilst he wages war on the other lands with seemingly endless hordes of walking dead and demonic minions.


Very few are brave or strong enough to venture into the Waste Lands. Only the most experienced adventurers head into these lands for legendary quests, items and magic. Even men and women such as these would be foolish to travel alone, as creatures made of nightmares abound. Attacking all who enter the wastes, these creatures drive fear into those who dare.


Yet the tenacity of living creatures always hold the capacity to surprise, and a neutral race called the Vadael make their home in the Waste Lands. Unusual creatures, they sometimes venture into more hospitable lands, though other races can only speculate over their motives.


They are the Abyssal Horde.