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The Brood

The Broodlands - home of the Brood

Capital: Split Cliffs Pass – Player faction


Once the slaves and military might of the Hothran, the Brood of Luthic have asserted their freedom and struck out on their own. Mostly orcs, goblins and ogres, all of the Brood are rough and violent in nature. Almost all races are welcome, though half-greenkins are thought an abomination, and often executed on sight.


The Brood build no cities, and form no permanent settlements, but instead they choose to organise themselves either by traditional tribal groups, or, since the exodus from Tarack, along regimental lines, with even family groups joining the regiments, and most children born into the army.


A harsh way of life for a harsh people, their fighting prowess is never doubted. Historically the Brood have always lived by the maxim “might is right”, but the ascensions of the goblin shaman, Gratt’ax has proven that cunning has its place too. Led by Varg and Gratt’ax, they have forged their own way in the world, and refuse to bow their heads to anyone again.


They are the Brood.