Three Kingdoms LRP

Welcome to the World of One

The Church Of Blood


The Heart Lands - home of the Church of Blood

Capital: Blood Mountain – Player Faction


After many thousands of years in self exile the Church of Blood has returned to the forefront of the war against Kalous after the Blood God Roshlan deemed the mortals of the world worth saving. The Blood god has remained in his “mortal” form that he may be closer to his people and serve them better as a god. With his two angels, Greven and Talon, by his side, he rules from Blood Mountain where he teaches his followers that blood is life and as such all life must be respected.


The Blood Army is made of devout followers and has become the most feared military power in the world of One and as yet has not met its match. With Blood General Greven leading this force and the Blood Magi Talon teaching the once secretive blood magic to his followers, Roshlan has created a faction of trust, power and absolute respect


They are the Church of Blood


The Church of Blood rank markings

These ranks are denoted by lines of blood drawn from the forehead down over the left eyelid and below the eye itself. This progressive list details the authority granted by the marks of blood within the Church of Blood.

The lowest rank within the church has only 1 mark, those in the Blood Guard have 2 marks. Inside the church itself priests gain 3 marks while church leaders gain 1 mark each side of their face. Roshlan, Greven and Talon have much more detailed blood marks on their faces as the three leaders of the church.