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The Hothran


Tarack - Land of Darkness and home of The Hothran

Capital: Kalice – Player Faction


This land is filled with swamps, marshland and moors and as such, there is only one substantial settlement – Kalice. This vast city occupies space both above and beneath the surface of the land, as it has been constructed at the site of an entrance to the Underdark. This bastion of wickedness is home to the dark and twisted societies of the dark elves and poison elves, though they share the place with many other races.


Not far from Kalice, deep within the Underdark, lies the fortress city of the Dark Dwarves. Whilst their numbers are small very few Underdark races would attempt to assault their fortress.


Tarack is a harsh land and has bred a fierce and cruel culture to match its terrain. Life here is a daily fight to retain your place where “kill or be killed” is the main rule for life. All of the races here are strong in their own way and have proved that they are worthy of their place in society, but only the cruellest find their way into the ruling ranks.


They are the Hothran.