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The Velorne


Ashera - Land of Light and home of The Velorne

Capital: Star City – Player Faction


Ashera is filled mainly with humans but within its borders live many other races that try to live in balance with the land and its other inhabitants. All those within the lands of light should treat the earth with respect and those who do not are hunted down and punished. The majority of the citizens believe that “good” should outweigh “evil”, although some are prepared to bend the rules to ensure that this is the case.


For centuries, the lands of Ashera also played host to many elves, and although they have withdrawn to their ancestral lands in Redwood Kingdoms, they are still held in high regard, and welcome throughout the land of Ashera


The laws of the land are set for all civilised creatures but Forest Trolls and Beastkin tend to be given leniency by the judiciary, due to their nature.


They are the Velorne.