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Welcome to the World of One

The World of One

I pondered the situation before me, was this life something my father and his father before him had to endure? All those years ago there must have been a time of peace and tranquillity until the darkness of the demon king Kalous turned ploughshares to swords for the people in the world of One. Pastures have become battlefields and once wondrous forests are little more than outposts or staging areas for yet another assault into the Wastelands.

 It could have been better but its seems that as Kalous surfaced with the single intention of removing mortals from this world, the best defence that could be arranged was for the races of the known world to split into two large factions, The Hothran and The Velorne. For this strategic defence to work it would require these two factions to not only fight against the legions of Kalous but to bicker and fight against each other as well, fools !


The Hothran are I will admit a proud people but never the less they are for the most part killers. Led by the dark lady or dark queen, whichever she wants to be known as, she is a dark elf from what I have been told but I have yet to meet her or even see her. I'm told her magic is enough to level mountains but I'll not bore you with rumours. I know that she commands respect through fear and her military has won some incredible battles thought to be lost before they began. Her domain is within the swamp lands of Tarack surrounding the capital city of the Hothran known as Kalice, it's a fortress built half on the land and half within the Underdark.

The Velorne are different however, living in the picturesque lands of Ashera the Velorne are a people of nobility and honour. Even the wildlife follow this sentiment, concerning when a forest troll decides you are not worthy enough to fight. At the cente of this shinning land of farms and woodland is the aptly named Star City, above which at night a single blue star can be clearly seen no matter the weather or time of year, never moving almost like a watchful guardian for this bastion of light. Once home to King Lucient but following his death this castle home of the Velorne is now residence to the newly crowned Queen Abigail of Ashera and her people. The queen seems loved by her people, she is a druid of great power and although I have  never seen her fight I can only gather that she would gladly die to protect the Velorne way of life.

There are smaller lesser known factions within the world of One that I have encountered but only two are worth a mention here. Firstly is the hidden people of Pure Ground, yes they actually call themselves pure ground. Led by Prayer on behalf of something called the entity, Pure Ground seems to guard an area of land known as Dead Rile Acre. Quite what is in there I do not know but its either immense power or pure darkness, needless to say I don't like the idea of going to find out.

The second is the Church of Blood, commanded by the arch angel General Greven, its people live by the law of blood.

Respect the blood, life is blood and thus all life shall be respected.

Oddly enough this religion is very unique as they have their god in living form walking along side them. His name is Roshlan, living in a mortal coil within his own blood that he may practice that of which he preaches.


It is a strange land I find myself within, stranger still that it is new even though I have spent my life fighting against it. King kalous may have created me but I shall be his undoing.


1st of Frostburn, 1111 Sa

The lost diary of Rage, former Paladin of Kalous